Porsche Considering a Return to Formula One

However one slices it, whether it is the costs to run a team, the sponsorship dollars, the merchandising or the endorsements among many other factors, auto racing is big business. In the US, NASCAR is the reigning champ when it comes to winning the hearts and minds of the spectating public. However, nearly everywhere else in the world, from Asia to South America to Europe, people follow open-wheel racing much more rabidly. In its highest form, Formula One, the stakes are tremendous as the prestige of brands and the affections of consumers are at stake as much as points and trophies.

Porsche has not been a part of this world for some time; since the 1960s as a constructor and the '90s as an engine provider. However, with some of the costs of ownership set to decline with changing engine standards in the coming season, that may well change. Porsche, a part of the Volkswagen group, intends to make a final decision on the subject by early 2011.

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