The Problem with Libertarianism

Libertarianism has created some excitement among the American masses recently in lock-step with the perception that government interference in citizens' lives is on the rise. However, opponents like to point out that libertarianism is not a panacea to societal ills, that there are problems with the philosophy. At least one of those problems, even among journalists, seems to be that no one can agree upon what it actually means or what its adherents stand for...


  1. As a libertarian, I have no hesitation in acknowledging the fact that libertarainism does not have definitive contours. It is a vast umbrella, and its adherents are divided into various sections. For instance, anarcho-capitalists often ridicule what they like to call "Establishment libertarians". But, it doesn't matter as long as all its adherents agree that the government which governs least is the best govt.

  2. There is nothing more annoying than people telling me what I believe as a Libertarian. "Oh yeah?! How are you going to build the roads!?!?" is one of my favorite questions. Government will always exist. It is impossible to look at the current situation in the US, however, and think that more government is the answer. If we ever start moving in a more Libertarian direction, then the movement can splinter. At this point however, everyone from anarchists to folks quietly thinking "Hey wait, why DO we need 800 overseas bases?" can be seen as Libertarian. The Libertarian instinct is so far removed from the way things are going, that a smaller definition just isn't necessary.