The Rich Are Leaving France - How Bourgeois

Of course lobbyists for business interests might be expected to be against higher taxes for the interests they represent. Yes, there are maybe a few exceptions, but hearing representatives of business groups railing against taxation is certainly the well-established norm rather than an exception.

That said, one can't discount the bleatings of even business interest groups in a nation where the top tax rate is being raised to over 60% in an economy already marked by turmoil. That is just the situation in France right now, and many people have correctly pointed out that many of those with an ability to leave the country are likely doing so.

Bourgeois it may be, but it should be concerning as well. Any moral/philosophical discussion of taxation aside, what use is a high tax rate if the base for that rate disappears? That many of those individuals are also job creators is probably less concerning for the Socialist Party which put the changes in place...

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