Presidential Predictions via The Wisdom of Crowds

There are markets for almost everything these days...even political races. If you subscribe to theories regarding the wisdom of crowds , such 'prediction' markets can provide an endless source of interesting information, or at least fodder for conversation, leading up to Decision 2012. For more on prediction markets, visit Intrade's website here. Those less interested in talking theory and more interested in placing a bet on their favorite aspirant (or perhaps incumbent) to the White House can go straight to the fun stuff here.

On a related side note, we have no affiliation with Intrade and have not used its services. Therefore we can't vouch for the platform. However, we did just spend 20 minutes taking a look at what the investing public thinks of everything from Anthony Weiner's chances of resigning to the odds that the Higgs Boson particle will be discovered by the end of the year. So as far as warnings and disclaimers, we can provide readers with the following; it may or may not provide you with an early retirement package, but there is most certainly a large potential for time spending (wasting?) on the site.

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