Obamacare Proving My Point Better Than I Ever Could

I have spoken unfavorably about Obamacare many times on this page. While I didn't like the voting process related to it, the forced coverage language or the taxes and the rising costs that would necessarily be associated with it, my real core argument against it was always a little more nuanced. After all, single-payer systems (I know Obamacare is not that; maybe that is part of the problem) in some places work well, are viewed favorably, and are entrenched as critical safety nets in the societies they exist in.

No, my problem with Obamacare was not that it existed, or that some were daring to dream about universal(ish) coverage, but rather that the United States would be running it. Evidence since its inception has done nothing to change my viewpoint, and it has indeed made more 'nuanced' and practical opponents out of many people who opposed it simply on gut previously. The process itself is doing more to prove my points than my limited writing skills have allowed for. As the lawyers in the crowd might say, res ipsa loquitur...

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