America by the Numbers

As campaigns for the 2012 presidential race kick into high gear, managers and their lackeyes are undoubtedly spending nearly as many hours as there are in the day to get statistical information on the voting public. And the non-voting public. And even the potential voting public. Who are they? What are their educational backgrounds? What racial demographics do they fall into? What are their issues?

Those are the types of questions that keep campaign managers up at night. They spend extraordinary amounts of money and manpower to get approximate answers. For the rest of us, recent data from The Pew Research Center will have to suffice. Not that it is much of a step down from what the political posturers can get their hands on; Pew's Beyond Red v. Blue: The Political Typology is a tremendous report full of enough interesting data and analysis to keep even casual political junkies busy for hours. For more, readers can visit the report here.

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