2011: The Birth of a Libertarian Utopia?

It is highly unlikely in any scenario that this writer could envision that the 'unemployed angry white men' of the Tea Party movement would align themselves with the 'angry, dirty kids' of the Occupy Wall St. movement. Indeed, so different are their participants, it seems more likely that you could get a Republican politician to admit something was in his book than get the two movements to combine forces. However, it is interesting to note that they could, by working individually toward their respective goals, inadvertently create something of a libertarian utopia.

We already wrote earlier today that Occupy Wall St. lacks focus. However assume arguendo that the movement's core goal is ending favorable treatment of banks and corporations. At the core of the Tea Party was/is an aversion to Big Government. Boiled down to their cores, if both group's goals are met, their collective impact would be a small-government, bailout-free country. Just a thought, but that sounds like something approaching a libertarian-friendly sink-or-swim version of capitalism to me...

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