An Open Letter to SCOTUSblog

Dear SCOTUSblog,

For months, I have been unable to access SCOTUSblog on my smart phone. Every time I do, it redirects to the
mobile site, which has been down since Fall of 2011.

I assume that you enjoy making your blog difficult to access, but why the half measure? I can still read it from my desktop PC. If you really want to make it inaccessible, remove it from the Internet entirely, and hide all posts inside a steel vault concealed inside Lincoln's head at Mount Rushmore. Include clever clues to the cache's location in an inscription on the underside of the Titanic wreckage. I'll send in the mini-submarine immediately.

Best regards,
Jeremiah Newhall

And to the readers of BlawgConomics: My suggestions are a start, but I'm not sure they're enough. Please add your suggestions in the comments for how to make SCOTUSblog content truly inaccessible to all but the most intrepid readers. Bonus points for commenting via BlawgConomics' mobile site.


  1. I am sure Mr. Newhall wouldn't have said anything unless he really appreciated SCOTUSblog as a resource. And I know that he does.

    His frustration implicates a bigger issue (and a potential topic for a post?): what happens when technology becomes an indispensible resource in a world where technology can't always be relied upon?

    Here's hoping that, against all odds, our little campaign will catch the eye of the folks over at SCOTUSblog and that a solution can be found. It is, in my mind, among the best resources available for all things Supreme Court and it is a shame that Mr. Newhall can't access it while he is away from his desktop.

    That said, I can't say that the idea of a treasure hunt in South Dakota isn't somewhat appealing at the moment...


  2. Jeremiah Newhall11/1/12 10:18

    My brother-in-law knows a thing or two about computers and how they talk to each other, and explained that I could prevent the redirect to a (broken) mobile site like so: http://www.scotusblog.com/?wpmp_switcher=mobile

    Voila! Desktop site on my smart phone.

    I still want the mobile site back.

  3. Hi Jeremiah. Our tech people have been working on it for a couple of days (we only just heard about the problem), and hopefully it will be fixed soon. My only other suggestions are that you can always just email me (I'm more likely to see that than this post), and that saying things like we enjoy making the blog more difficult to access leaves the wrong impression. Thanks for using the blog. Best, Tom Goldstein

  4. Good morning Mr. Goldstein,

    Thanks for checking in. I will let Mr. Newhall speak for himself, but I can assure you as editor of Blawgconomics that we meant no offense. I think this was rather a lighthearted plea born out of frustration. I trust that the intelligence of our, and your, readership is of a level that it won't be taken any other way.

    In any case, good luck with the fix. As noted above, I believe your site is a great resource, and the more eyes that make it to your page the better.


  5. Such an elevated level of discourse on this blog! Such civility! This is truly how gentlepeople (gentlemen being a frightfully ancien regime term)settle disputes!

    Robert Earl Morris III