Resources for Readers: The OECD Financial Market Trends Journal

Yesterday we continued our ongoing effort to highlight free resources that could be of interest to our readers. In what is perhaps a record turnaround time for this semi-regular feature, we return with another tip today.

In this post we would like to highlight a journal which is produced by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Though some might be interested in a paid subscription to an actual paper version, the online versions of articles in the bi-annual Financial Market Trendsincluding those in the archive, all appear to be free.

Topics ranging sovereign bank debt to financing green growth are presented in a manner that rivals much more expensive (and not just relative to 'free') alternatives. In addition to this post, we have included a permanent link to the homepage of the journal in the 'Other Resources' section of BlawgConomics.

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