Worst Campaign Ever? Not for One Candidate...

For anyone who hasn't turned on a TV, opened a newspaper or flipped open a laptop today until reading this, it's Super Tuesday. For the past week in ten states across America, millions and millions of dollars have been spent by the candidates as well as their 'unaffiliated' Super PACs to try and convince voters that they are the one of the four remaining hopefuls who is the man for the job. There would seem to be no better time than the present to discuss the current Election 2012 state of affairs.

In a word, the Republican primary can be described as 'devastating,' at least for the GOP. The negative campaigning has been effective in some ways, but it has also left the Republican party sharply divided. Rather than crowning a nominee, the process has left the candidates battered and bruised. In fact, according to Barbara Bush, an individual with a unique perspective to offer such an opinion, it has been the worst campaign of her lifetime.

However, there is one person who this campaign season has not been devastating for; the incumbent. So far, President Obama's strategy has seemed to be simply 'stay above the fray.' More recently, he has begun to strategically manage his speaking schedule to upstage his squabbling counterparts. However, even this is much more innocuous than what the Republican candidates are doing to themselves. Of course no one with a pulse on politics would expect the nice-guy routine to continue once a clear opponent is selected. However, until then, and despite being far behind on actual nuts and bolts campaigning, Obama appears to be the only clear winner this primary season.

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