Crowdfunding and Democratization of Economics Writing

Here at BlawgConomics, we are big proponents of the idea of crowdfunding. We believe that the recent easing of restrictions on this investment strategy could pay huge dividends for the type of economic development America desperately needs.

Among the more interesting ways we have read about crowdfunding being used recently is an attempt to publish an economics text on aid programs. For those new to the world of economics, it doesn't get more rockstar than crowdfunding your next book. Indeed, in what is typically a fairly staid profession, it may be akin with Dylan going electric, but I digress.

Best of luck to Eva Vivalt and her team. If she is successful, our readers can fully expect to see desperate pleas to throw some excess funds Kickstarter's way for a project bringing us to the read world rather than just the virtual sometime very soon. 

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