Semi-regular State of the Blawg Address

BlawgConomics recently hit a milestone as we published the 700th post on the site. While we have long-since stopped memorializing every century mark we passed through, hitting the big 7-0-0 seemed as good a reason as any to talk about some recent developments that our readers might want to hear about.

First off, we have had a bit of an uptick in traffic recently (it looks like this month will be our second or third biggest ever). I attribute this to both increased posting and a better grasp on my part of the various uses of Twitter and other social media for promotion. An SEO expert was recently in communication (until I explained that this is a no-profit venture) and probably could have identified some absurd, counterintuitive ways to push numbers up even higher, but I am pretty satisfied with the growth of the site as it is.

Second, I have updated (and in some cases reinstated) a few features on the site. One is an archive where readers can peruse posts from the past listed by year. Though some posts have lost their timeliness, and some from the early days are just plain bad, it has been personally interesting to go back and see what I was writing about at different times. In a move that often shines a light on more recent efforts, I have also included a section listing the top trending stories from the past week.

I have also added a new page, The Solar Power Center. It can be accessed by a tab at the top of the site. This new page reflects my personal passion for the economics and laws impacting the renewable energy space, and The Center has some fantastic resources for anyone who shares this interest.

Finally, and maybe most exciting, I can let all of our readers know that I recently signed an article sharing agreement with the website JDStop.com. The subscription site is affiliated with BarBri and is targeted to current law students as a social media/legal news resource. Don't worry, we are not selling out, and we don't lose any of our independence. Their site merely has blanket permission to repost our archived content, and we potentially get more traffic in return. Of course, the downshot is that there may be an influx of 1L's who are smarter than me bashing my theories in the comments section, but I am sure some of our regular readers will give me a hand with that.

All in all, things are looking up for our little project. As always, I really appreciate comments and feedback, so please feel free to give your two-cents any time it strikes your fancy. Additionally, please feel free to continue to send tips and story ideas to editor (at) blawgconomics.com. And finally, please keep reading. It is incredibly rewarding when I know that the work I do here is enjoyed by readers and the more hits I get, the more I am stimulated to produce new content.

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