Snippets...The Same-Sex Marriage Edition

There has been no hotter topic in American politics recently than same-sex marriage. I have been accumulating a number of different stories in the 'draft' bin that I have wanted to say a few words about, but I have become overwhelmed by the all of the different angles. Therefore, it would seem that there would be no better time than the present for the latest edition of Snippets, our semi-regular attempt at covering a lot of topics in a little time. Some would call this lazy; economists prefer the term 'efficient.'

- Let's kick this edition off with the recent story that brought same-sex marriage back into spotlight. Most of our readers will undoubtedly have heard of Joe Biden's 'gaffe' in supporting same-sex marriage. Here is the video if you haven't seen it yet.

- Of course Biden's comments 'forced the president's hand' later that week, leading him to come out in support of same-sex marriage. You can see the president work his way through that announcement in the video below (sorry about the ads, but I am sure you are all familiar with the idea that lunches aren't free...).

- Perhaps Obama's support of same-sex marriage isn't so shocking once one considers the rapidly rising level of support it has among the public. This support is obviously higher among his base, which many pundits agree will require aggressive mobilization efforts if support levels will come close to approaching what Obama enjoyed in 2008. Not to be sceptical or anything...

- Of course Obama's support for same-sex marriage has not made the issue, or gay rights issues in general, a slam dunk across the land. For examples, see the recent stories about a spurned judicial nominee in Virginia, and those who wouldn't like to be discriminated against in North Carolina.

- Of course Obama's (do we have to continue to say 'likely') opponent this fall is against gay marriage, and probably even hopes that the issue which appears to bring out the inner bully in him will mobilize the religious right in his favor. However, it also apparently caught him off guard, which seems inexplicable, but there you go.

- And of course no post on same-sex marriage would be complete without a story linked to religion. This one is about a church in Massachusetts which only wanted to "to express our difference of opinion in freedom without the backlash of hatred and may I say without the backlash of bullying." This one could probably merit its own 'Freedom of Speech, Not Freedom From Consequences' post...

- Regular readers will know that we like to bring a sports angle into a lot of the topics we cover. Here is one for you that brings an international angle in, covers boxing, and is from the most high-profile site to have 'borrowed' our material (yes, I am still caught up on that...).

- And here is one that brings in both sports and religion...

- I would like to wrap this edition up with a few articles covering some of the economic and social science reasons for making same-sex marriage legal. First off, anyone against it should at least be made aware that it might just be the best way to save the economy. Same-sex marriages may also make sense based on something called the 'consumption complementarities' approach. And here is one that suggests that they should be legalized as a matter of contract law. And finally, here is one that might stick in the craws of some Republicans, which suggests that a small-government, libertarian approach in a non-theocracy should dictate against writing laws to support pure religious aims.

- That wraps up our whirlwind tour of same-sex marriage. I hope it was interesting for the curious, and enlightening for anyone whose position on the topic is still 'evolving.' Have a nice weekend everyone...


  1. Anonymous21/5/12 10:36

    The video no longer appears to be about Obama.

  2. Right you are, thanks for spotting that.

    The embed code ABC News provided was apparently only temporarily linked to the Obama interview.

    It looks like YouTube is providing a more permanent fix.


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