Soros Gives a Bunch, Should Americans Care?

The Wall St. Journal reported yesterday that uber-liberal George Soros is planning on donating to pro-Obama super PACs this year. Though his $1 million donation is significantly less than some others he has made in the past, it is still a lot of money to most people in America and should provide fodder for right-wing radio hosts and bloggers for months to come. If the right is unhappy with Soros' contribution to the reelection efforts of the President, the left has been furious with the donations of right-leaning donors such as the Koch brothers.

Though this notion might not get much support from readers, I would like to suggest that none of this matters. When it all shakes out, millions and millions of dollars will be spent by both sides during this election cycle to convince voters that their candidate is a swell guy. Or perhaps more correctly, that the other candidate isn't. While many people are unhappy with corporations or individuals exerting that type of monetary influence over the electoral process, why should we care so much?

Most Americans probably agree with, and disagree with, some of what each side has to say. Even if each respective side pays a lot to say it, I imagine most Americans will still make up their own minds on the issues, and in turn the candidates. In sum, I think it might be safe to say that the legacy of Citizens United and Speechnow is more the holes the decisions are leaving in wallets than any perversion of the democratic process. Of course, any reader interested in changing my mind has a good shot if they can be convincing enough...

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