Gallup Showing Chinks in the Armor

As I sit down to write this blog, I wonder which entity benefits more from this post and why; is it Gallup for the free advertising or BlawConomics for the free poll results? I would like to think that the situation is mutually beneficial, but I will refrain from including a poll with the post lest the world-at-large has a less benevolent view of the arrangement.

In any case, I wanted to bring the attention of our readers to some recent poll numbers from Gallup which suggest that support for President Obama is waning, not just in general, but among some of his supposed 'safe' demographics. Among the groups who were very Pro-bama in 2008 but are faltering in their support now are twenty-something whites, well-educated women and the non-religious.

Maybe it is a reversion to the mean from what I always considered to be unfair expectations on Obama pre-election. Maybe it is a recognition that the Obama administration has continued (and even expanded upon) many of the more odious policies and programs from the Bush years.

Maybe it is something else entirely (Gallup didn't have an answer, but did suggest that mobilization and outreach could help). However whatever the reason is, loss of support among the core has to be viewed as a major area of concern for the reelection campaign, particularly as Mitt Romney seems to be shedding some of the 'he has no personality or ideas' digs from the primaries.

The anti-Romney camp can rightly paint him as a flip-flopper or chameleon on many issues, but one gets the sense that it will take more than pointing out the other side's flaws to get the incumbent reelected this time around...

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