Going Back to the Vault...

Over time, as I have begun to utilize the potential of SEO tactics and Twitter as well as due to the natural course of things, the readership of BlawgConomics has increased. While that means that articles I post these days get a lot of eyeballs on them, and even stimulate some meaningful conversations on occasion, it also means that there were a lot of articles published during the dark ages that marked the first year or so of the blog that were lucky to draw three or four page views. I think that this is unfortunate, especially given the fact that some of the better ones (in my opinion) weren't necessarily time-sensitive like ongoing case analysis or political punditry.

One of my favorite articles of all time falls into this category. In Glory Glory Fans United?, a two-parter on ownership structures in soccer (via a light critique of some then-recently published academic research) I was able to do some deep analysis on an interesting topic in an article which never really saw the light of day. With higher readership numbers now, as well as the perfect lead-in with the European Football Championship starting later this week, I think it is time for a repost. Be on the look out over the next day or so, and please feel very free to comment once it is up.

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