State of the Blog Address

Dear Readers,

The soon-to-end month of September marked the three year anniversary of Blawgconomics, making this as good a time as any to take stock of how things are going.

What started as a little experiment to see if I could have success blogging rather than trying to join a journal in law school has never been stronger. This month, I posted more, and hosted more visitors than I have in any other month in the site's history. Those visitors came from countries as varied as Russia, Ireland, Germany, Australia and China. They read about topics as varied as whether Ponzi schemes should be legal to animal poaching algorithms to solar energy financing research. Sometime during the next week or so I am scheduled to publish the 900th post on the site. My own efforts are not all I am proud of; publishing the work of some very, very talented friends and colleagues may be the most rewarding opportunity running the site has afforded me.

Not only has the past been a success (at least in terms of my very limited starting point expectations), but the future looks fairly bright as well. While the site has gone through some barren stretches, the fact that it has become something of a personal journal for me means that I am unlikely to stop updating anytime soon, despite other responsibilities, interests and, well, time sucks. The fact that it has stimulated debate and conversation, and has allowed me to focus, shift, pivot and even change my often hyper-nuanced and frequently self-perplexing opinions on some of the most important issues of our times have also been strong motivations to keep on.

So thank you. Thank you to frequent readers as well as those who have only checked in once or twice. Thanks to the commenters and contributers. Thanks to those who have encouraged me. Many, many thanks to my wonderful girlfriend who is incredibly understanding of the late nights and early mornings and Sunday afternoons lost to my writing schedule. And thanks to all of you who will continue to stop by in the future. It truly is a great source of joy to me.



  1. Jerry Newhall30/9/12 18:09

    It's a great joy to read, as well. Congrats on 3 years.