The Most Compelling Argument in Favor of Obamacare?

Longtime readers will know that I haven't exactly been the biggest proponent of the Affordable Care Act.

While this is more based on personal principles than a lack of compelling arguments presented in favor of the bill (though I feel that there was an alarming paucity of positive arguments presented during the congressional battle over the bill, and not just because of a glib, sarcastic assertion that such arguments don't exist; even those who opposed the bill should be able to agree that there could have been a lot more done to sell it to Americans), I recently came across what, for me, might possibly be the best argument in favor of universal health care in the US.

What might this argument be that has succeeded in (almost) reaching me when others, both logical and emotional, have failed?

It is simply that Obamacare might provide the best chance at ongoing familial harmony that I could hope for. How? The fact that it could allow millions of seniors (including, some day, my own parents*) to remain independent instead of living with their children. Neil Buchanan provides the logical backing for this proposition at Dorf on Law.

I am still inclined to disfavor the legislation as passed, but Buchanan certainly got me closer than I have ever been. Maybe Candidate Obama should take notice...

*No offense to my dear mother and father, both regular readers (or so they say). However the parent as roommate scenario just doesn't hold too much appeal...especially given the fact that I have only stopped living with roommates just recently. All that said, when it comes down to it, I am sure I will of course be happy to help out those who have provided so much for me in any way possible.

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