The Most Expensive Art Installation Ever Built

I am a huge proponent of solar energy development, with enough examples readily available on the site that I don't need to stress my bona fides here. However, that doesn't mean that I need to blindly support any initiative, ignore every hiccup or silently accept every bad decision pertaining to the solar industry. One of the most spectacular examples of an initiative which was a bad decision that led to a hiccup was the loan program Solyndra participated in which, despite some merits, seems to have been significantly abused.

In short, I am as upset by shady dealings between government and business in the solar industry as I am in other situations, despite my high hopes for solar energy. Therefore, I have no problem jumping on the bandwagon of those who have disparaged what some are calling 'the most expensive art installation ever built' even if many are doing so purely to score political points. This isn't to say that there isn't something eerily beautiful and mesmerizing about Rael and San Fratello's work - it is just that I, along with many others, wish it hadn't been made possible by wasting taxpayer funding.

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