ACA Decision Audio

The recent presidential debate made it very clear that the ultimate outcome of the Affordable Care Act may be far from a settled issue, despite the fact that the Supreme Court has already said its piece on the matter. This is particularly true given to the Court's holding that the individual mandate (or penalty in lieu) falls under the taxing authority of the Congress, supporting the Obama administration's judicially- though not legislatively- linked position. While this gave supporters the win in the short term, it also gave the other side a firm anti-tax foothold in continuing its opposition.

Therefore, there is an ongoing need for people to understand the actual mechanics of the law and the Supreme Court's decision on its viability. While this decision has been available in written form for some time, it is also true that some people absorb things better by hearing them. With those people in mind, we are happy to provide the opinion of the court, the Kennedy dissent, and the Ginsburg partial concurrence, all courtesy of Oyez.

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