Fact Checking the Candidates After the First Debate

I have often complained about wolves in fact checkers' clothing during this election season. For new readers, my gripe is with those who use the seemingly non-partisan cloak of fact checking to suit their decidedly political purposes.

That being the case, it would seem to be appropriate to identify a solid example of fact checking when I come across it, and the New York Times provided just that in the wake of the first presidential debate. Incidentally, just as the fact checkers at the NYT seemed to be on good behavior, those they were reporting on got it, by and large, correct as well.

'Trickle-down economics' is already well-situated in the vernacular, 'trickle-down government' is getting there; perhaps trickle-down truth and civility are on the way? Alas, that may be too much to ask, even on a Friday...For the NYT's extensive fact-check, visit here.

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