Interview on Solar REITs in Forbes

Regular readers will be familiar with my longtime advocacy for the solar REIT (S-REIT) concept. In short, this would be the allowance by the IRS of solar power generating assets to be classified as 'safe' for purposes of REIT tax law (anyone curious about the technical aspects of S-REITs should check out the series on the idea I am in the middle of posting currently).

I recently had the great pleasure of being interviewed for an article on solar REITs by Tom Konrad for Forbes. Tom's blog is focused mainly on investing in solar rather than legal and policy issues (though they are, of course, deeply entwined at this point), so the article provides a fresh perspective on the concept in comparison to my typical approach. Readers can check out the full article here (my contribution is on page 2).


  1. Jerry Newhall10/10/12 23:48

    Pretty darn good article & a nice photo. Hope the modeling wasn't too demanding. Congrats on the recognition!

  2. Thanks Mr. Newhall, appreciate it. Yours wasn't the first comment on the photo, nor do I suspect it will be the last...


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