Just to Be Clear - Both the Presidential Candidates are 'Rich Guys'

In the midst of all of the talk of the 1%, the 99% and the 47%, not to mention the zingers about pensions and the Cayman Islands and investing in China, it can be easy to foget that both the President and the challenger are both very, very rich men. Check out here and here for details.

In this writer's opinion, there is nothing inherently wrong with wealth. On the other hand, obfuscating its sources or even its existence for political purposes seems slightly odious to me. On this score, President Obama seems the more guilty party by far, but Mr. Romney has been guilty of being less than forthcoming about certain things as well.

While it might seem obvious to some that an individual has to have great sources of personal wealth to run for president, it is also apparent that populist appeals still meet with success in some quarters. So long as that remains true, it also seems true that the types of obfuscations noted above will continue.

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