Live Blog Wrap

I have wanted to try live blogging a major news event for some time now. Last week, I did so for the first time during the one and only 2012 Vice Presidential debate. One of the reasons I did so is that I wanted to try my hand at instant analysis of the event free from any kind of post-debate media influence or water cooler talk. And I think that the exercise was fairly successful.

I had some misses. Notably, I didn't really think that Joe Biden's Jack Kennedy line to Paul Ryan in response to Ryan's comments on tax cutting was a huge factor. That I didn't mention it at the time was a function of the fast and furious nature of live-blogging. That I also failed to mention it when I wrote my concluding thoughts was due to me just not thinking it was that big a moment.

The media has begged to differ, as it has been cited as the biggest line of the night for either candidate by many. I actually thought it was a little forced (and likely planned, and certainly intended to echo Lloyd Bentsen) and thought that Ryan's smirky reaction was equally lame.

All in all though, I think I called the affair just about right, including the fact that it was a pretty close contest. I am not sure I will try live blogging again, but it was a pretty interesting experience. I hope it was interesting for readers as well.

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