Thanks for Educating America's Electorate Russia!

If I were to describe a nation which had four candidates for a presidential election, each with a technical ability to win, but where only two of those candidates were allowed to present their ideas to citizens during nationally televised debates, many Americans might automatically think of a place like China, or maybe Russia. However, it instead describes the situation right here in America.

Perhaps it is ironic that some people would think about Russia in such a scenario, because it is Russia, at least in a slightly roundabout way, which has remedied the situation above to some extent. Along with C-SPAN, RT, a Russian government-funded television channel, carried the first third-party debate between the four 'alternative' presidential candidates last week. RT will carry the second, between the two leaders of that group, as well (delayed by Hurricane Sandy, but rescheduled for November 5th).

The irony would be delicious were it not so emblematic of the sad state of the elections process in America today...

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