Will the New Samsung Commercial Work?

I really, really like the new Samsung mobile phone commercial. For anyone who hasn't seen it, it is hardly a Samsung commercial at all, but rather an anti-Apple commercial which pans the quasi-hipsterish gadget-cult culture surrounding the company and its products. It is just the latest in a longstanding campaign which (shockingly) produces new spins on the theme roughly every time Apple releases a new version of one of its toys.

This is an older edition, but, well, you get the idea...

However, while I find the commercial clever, commercials don't exist to be clever, they exist to get products sold. Will this series do that?

It is, of course, notoriously difficult to link marketing directly to sales (despite the typical ad-man's best efforts). And, in fact, Samsung already sells more mobile phones than Apple does (albeit with a far wider product range). So maybe sales, at least with respect to this commercial, aren't the only thing; maybe it is enough for Samsung just to get its digs in, particularly as the companies are in the midst of litigation which promises to keep going for some time.

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