Doomsday Reimagined...

On the Today Show yesterday morning, they ran a segment on doomsday preppers. For the uninitiated, they are the individuals/families who have taken precautions against the Mayan 2012 scenario/the Apocalypse/government oppression/famine/invasion etc. etc., typically by building underground bunkers and filling them with canned goods.

The Today Show correspondent on the story was treated to a tour of one such bunker which included a recliner and a large flat screen TV. I am not up to date on the latest standard sizes, but it was big - and by that I mean big for a family room, never mind a bunker. Its owner proudly noted in so many words that, even were the Four Horsemen to fly straight across the Texas sky, that he would still be able to watch his football.

This post isn't meant to belittle the principles or strategies of the prepper community. They are merely getting ready for contingencies that disparate factions from those who fear climate change to those who fear the monetary system in the US believe are possibilities. Preparing for possibilities in life, especially dramatic ones, is a natural response to perceived threats; there is a reason why certain insurers are among the oldest companies on the planet.

That said, and while I know they like their football in Texas, I have to believe even high school football might be delayed for a few weeks if fire and brimstone started falling from the sky...

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