The Miranda Debate - Looking Elsewhere for Guidance

Miranda rights figured heavily in the aftermath of the capture of the Boston Marathon bomber. Regular readers might agree that any articles I might have posted on the topic would likely have been high on ranting (on which side, I am not quite sure) and which, despite my attempts at nuance, would have actually been a little manic (think of a Fox News anchor trying caffeine for the first time v. a MSNBC analyst buzzing on whatever it is they take).

Whatever else it might have been, it seems almost certain that it would have been short on actual legal analysis. Luckily for readers, there are sites like Dorf and Volokh where they actually look at laws and court decisions when analyzing legal issues. Anyone who would like to take a look at some actual, thoughtful legal analysis on Miranda in the context of domestic terrorism would do well to visit those respective sites here and here.

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