The List: The World's Best Stockpickers

If I were to write a post claiming that successful stockpickers no longer exist, it wouldn't be a stretch to think that some loyal readers out there would nod along with all-too-knowing looks in their eyes. They might even wonder how the converse could even be possible, particularly as at least a few of them have spent the past few years watching their 401(k)s blow up and their  brokerage accounts decline in Maverick-ian 4g negative dives.

At least some of them, or if not, a neighbor, family member or friend, might even read such a story while in the midst of a full-blown battle against the forces of unemployment. At the very least, there would be some reminisces of days past when gaining 5 or 6% per annum in a trading account was something that you kept quiet about not out of the year 2010 embarassment of outpacing less fortunate friends, but the embarassment of 2000 when that meant you were falling further and further behind them.

However, though such an article would have some traction with many readers, it apparently would not be true. Yes, despite the sometimes overwhelming evidence to the contrary, some successful stockpickers do still exist. The folks over at Bloomberg were kind enough to compile a list of who, at least in their minds, leads the ranks. The list, as well as methodology and some quotes, can be found here.

I trust that those who are interested enough to follow the link also have a quantum of market savvy, or at least have watched enough news over the past few years that the name of the top firm won't necessarily be a surprise. Nonetheless, I will throw a 'spoiler alert' on and say only that the firm in the top spot bears the initials G and S and has produced what seems like half of the high-ranking economic officials in the past few White Houses.

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