Indexing Equality and Consumer Confidence Around the World

We are always on the look out for interesting resources with the goal of sharing them with readers. This particularly includes resources with hard data which can be used by those interested in analyzing topics free from the shackles of politicization. Though we are occasionally able to post something of interest, making this goal difficult is the fact that most such resources are available only to subscribers or for a fee.

In case it is not clear where we are headed, we recently found a very interesting and free resource from MasterCard Global indexing data on women's equality and opportunities in different regions (mainly of the developing variety) around the world. There are additionally indices covering consumer confidence and behaviors. Though most of the information is plainly in index form, there is not a lot of fluff, the descriptions and methodologies are clear and the lessons are plain enough. Those interested in MasterCard's Worldwide Indices can visit the homepage of the resource here.

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