Understanding Net Neutrality

There are many issues in the political sphere which create confusion among voters as well as, in too many cases, the politicians who represent them. One of the foremost among these seems to be net neutrality. It is not difficult to see why. Most folks don't understand how the internet works; their technical expertise probably extends to sticking a pen in the back of a modem when things aren't working then putting the same tool to task writing checks to Comcast.

We are not ashamed to admit that we are among the ignorant; net neutrality is a tough concept for Blawgconomics as well. For us, in addition to lacking technical expertise as described above is the added layer that much of the information available on the topic is so clearly agenda-driven that neutral discussion of neutrality is almost impossible to uncover. However, despite the rampant politicization of the topic, we have found one resource which rises above many of the others in a relatively even and thoroughly easy to understand way. This entertaining video can be viewed below and also found here.

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