The Future of Law and Economics

At BlawgConomics, we have always considered ourselves to be students of law AND economics rather than Law and Economics. In other words, we are more interested in discussing stories and ideas with economic and legal angles than analyzing everything purely through the lens of that discipline most notably championed by Judge Richard A. Posner. The distinction might be subtle, but it isn't insignificant, if for no other reason that it allows us a little more flexibility with the stories we bring to our readers.

However, just because all of our analysis doesn't fall rigidly within a Law and Economics framework doesn't mean that we don't keep tabs on the discipline's proponents. As those with an interest in the field will know, many of these individuals inhabit the University of Chicago. Some of them, including the aforementioned Posner, recently wrote about the future of their field in essays available on the University of Chicago Law's Alumni website here. For those with a surplus of curiosity but a deficit of time, blogger Josh Wright has more digestible summaries here.

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