Is Britain Better or Worse Off Than 60 Years Ago?

According to Reuters, 'Almost half of Britons believe Britain has changed for the worse during Queen Elizabeth's 60-year reign...a poll showed on Monday...The poll did not say how Britons felt their nation had changed for the worse.'

As the article notes, it is unclear why Britons feel that their island is worse off now than it was in the early 50's. Perhaps it is misplaced nostalgia, maybe a sense that current generations aren't of the same cloth as the WWII generation, maybe people genuinely miss never having the sun set on their empire.

Then again over 50% believe that Britain hasn't changed for the worse during that time (or are maybe neutral; the article was unclear). Compared to what you might see if you took the same poll in the U.S. right now, maybe that isn't so bad...

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