A Soldier for a Soldier...

I wanted to take a few minutes to share a story I have heard about in the local media over the past few days and which has particular relevance and poignance the week of Memorial Day. Brendan Haas, a nine-year-old in Massachusetts, used some creative trading (and generous support) to turn a toy soldier into a trip to Disney World for the family of a recently fallen soldier, Timothy Steele. While of course no trip can replace this young father, perhaps the generosity and goodwill shown by strangers will help the Steele's with their healing process. The story also provides a stark reminder to many Americans that not everyone was able to spend Memorial Day at a barbecue...

Thanks to 7 News out of Boston for the video below.


  1. Thanks for bringing this touching, local story to our attention. A great way to remember the men and women we honored this past weekend.

  2. Thanks for the comment Frank.

    I am happy and proud to be able to use the site as a forum to recognize the efforts of young Mr. Haas as well as remind our readers of the continued sacrifices our armed forces are making.