The List: The Top 50 Law Profs on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most valuable information sharing resources widely in use today. However, that value is sometimes obscured by a considerable amount of white noise, so it can be helpful to have someone else do the heavy lifting of sorting through who the best voices are on certain topics. With that in mind, and because anyone who visits Blawgconomics on a regular basis probably has at least a passing interest in the law, we are happy to be able to bring a list of the top 50 law professors on Twitter according to Clare Kaufman. Though intelligent minds could disagree with some of the names on the list (as well as add to it), Kaufman provides as good a starting point as any I have seen.

For anyone who isn't yet on board with Twitter, ranking profs there isn't just a matter of deciding who can say the most inane things in any given 24 hour period. Quite a bit of decent conversation on legal topics occurs on Twitter, often between regular people and scholars they wouldn't have regular access to otherwise. And, as David Kopel opines in a post at Volokh, Twitter ranks may even play into law faculty rankings someday (they certainly already play into less formal competitions) so this is fairly significant stuff, if not overly serious for a Friday... 

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