More on Soccer Club Ownership; Myth v. Reality

Those with long memories might recall my personal interest in the game of soccer as well as the business behind it. A long article I wrote in the beginning days of the blog about ownership structures and the rights of fans most notably captured this interest.

As one might imagine, I am not the only one who has written about this topic (indeed my article was more or less a review of another), which has become increasingly hot in places like England where many of the nation's most followed teams are owned by foreigners with debt problems, unclear intentions, and 'interesting' backgrounds to log a few of the more frequent complaints.

The topic is sure to remain hot for the forseeable future, and anyone with an interest should be sure to check out this recent article from Roger Bennett on ESPN. While it is ostensibly a book review, it is also a very informative piece in its own rights and includes interviews with the author of the book in question, David Conn.

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