The New Lawyer?

I will go ahead and let this very self-explanatory infographic do its own talking this morning. It comes courtesy of www.telassistant.com (though I could not find it on their site) via the WSJ's Law Blog after the jump as it is about a yard long...

The New Lawyer - Trends that are reshasping the Legal Industry


  1. Anonymous2/8/12 15:13

    I am glad they included both law graduates and bar passers in their "Oversupply of Lawyers" stat shot, because I think that using the bar-passage rate in NY and NJ overstates the oversupply: Many people take the NY bar but practice elsewhere (it being the closest thing we have to a national bar), and many who take the NY bar take NJ as well even if they never plan to practice in NJ. The number of law graduates in both states, however, gives a better sense of the size of oversupply.

  2. Thanks for the comment, sorry for the delay in responding.

    I think you make an excellent point. Going a step further, grads may be the better metric as the number of folks who go on the NY/NJ double bar track may lead to some double counting. In any case, it is discouraging for many of us to see even the lower amount (grads to jobs) of oversupply in the markets, something which is a huge problem for the profession.

    While we are on the topic, I noticed the opposite situation in Ohio. Maybe it has a very tough bar? Maybe a lot of people go there from out of state and return home to take the bar? Maybe there are far more schools than jobs, and noting that, Ohioans relocated east to find their fortunes in other markets? Not sure, but it is certainly interesting to see.