S-REIT Paper Quoted on Solar Feeds

Writers at the website www.solarfeeds.com recently pondered whether the real estate investment trust structure might be a good way to stimulate solar development. Long-time readers will know that this is a topic of particular interest to your humble author (there are too many examples to link to; populate the search bar on the page with 'solar reit' if you are interested). Therefore, I was very pleased to see my research both quoted and linked to in that story.

This is not only because I am pleased to have helped stimulate conversation on this topic, but because I have seen several other papers and notes recently whose authors very clearly built on my work without citing it. The solar world is quite small and such things are not often missed nor are they frequently forgotten.

Ominous semi-veiled threats aside, thanks to the team at Solar Feeds for taking a look at the paper and sharing it with their many readers. The use of the REIT structure to stimulate solar is getting attention at top levels of government currently, and there is a strong possibility that we could see the structure in place soon. This can be nothing but beneficial in a world of decreasing government incentives and poor press, though there are still many hurdles to cross before the S-REIT concept becomes a reality. Fingers crossed...

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