The Poll of the Week - Romney and His Running Mate

If those who participated in our wildly unscientific and statistically unsound Poll of the Week last week are correct, Mitt Romney will select Marco Rubio to be his running mate during the coming election. While this doesn't jive with the latest 'smart money' activity on Intrade, it isn't a bad guess, and does match up with what some pundits are saying. Maybe our readers think the Republicans feel the need to court the Hispanic vote; maybe some of our most loyal readers hail from the Sunshine State; maybe 5 out of 11 people just like the way the name Rubio flows off the tongue better than Portman (3 votes), Pawlenty (3 votes) or Other (1).

In any case, I think we will suspend the Poll of the Week for a bit. Analyzing 11 and 12 votes and data mining them for themes is just not statistically sound enough, even for a blog of ill-repute like BlawgConomics. Maybe we will bring them back this fall when the fever pitch of election season stimulates readers to participate more. Until then, I will stick to making my wild assumptions based on the more well-participated in polls of others. After all, even if I am wrong about something, I will have the force of numbers behind me, and we all know that is the most important thing.

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