On the Free and Equal Elections Foundation

Following up on my last post about the recent debate between third party presidential candidates, I thought it would be worthwhile to introduce the organization which hosted that event to any readers who have yet to come across it. From the Free and Equal Elections Foundation's website:

"We work with candidates across the political spectrum from: Republican, Democrat, Green, Libertarian, and Socialist Equality Party, to promote an open voting process and help them through the complex process of getting on the ballot.
We also provide vital training for independent candidates and give them the necessary tools to recruit volunteers, raise money and run winning campaigns.
Our goal is to give every candidate a fair chance at winning their respective elections, but more importantly, allow voters to vote for a candidate that best represents their values and beliefs.
Free & Equal is able to accomplish these goals by utilizing our groups knowledge and tools gained from working with local elections and national presidential elections.
An electoral process where every individual has a chance of winning is vital in a democracy and we here at Free and Equal will continue to ensure every voice is heard by making the electoral process fair and open for every participant."
I encourage the curious to check out the Foundation's website. There, one can get details on the Foundation's goals, how it believes the system can be changed, and the two candidates who will move on to a second debate next week.

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