A Backdoor Argument for Voter IDs

I am fairly certain I understand the debate behind whether or not the US should implement an ID requirement for voting. Depending on which side one is on, such a requirement either ensures that only the eligible vote or disenfranchises minorities. On the other hand, it is either about making sure we avoid discrimination or allowing everyone, even those who aren't legally able to, vote as they are more likely to vote 'favorably'.

Personally, I am a little torn over the matter. I like that there is a certain trust level inherent in the system we have and that it is inclusive of all of those who have the right to vote. However, I also dislike cheating, especially when the subject of that cheating is republican representation. I also dislike that the specter of cheating, whether it is confirmed, or merely suspected with good reason, leaves some feeling like their voices don't matter.

That is why I generally support an ID requirement to vote, and why I dislike so much that the issue has become so politically- and racially-linked as opposed to being merely procedural in nature.

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