Action Required Even if There Is No Global Warming...

I am not a scientist. I have to rely upon others when it comes to determining whether or not the world is warming at a dangerous rate, whether it is the fault of mankind, and whether, if the world is warming, anything can be done about it. The data are famously difficult to analyze. According to some, global warming hasn't even been occurring for over a decade. According to others, this is just another data point proving that the climate is in a constant state of flux.

While the climate may truly be changing due to the activities of man, there are still enough sceptics in the world, and enough sniggering at some who have made crusades out of global warming, that it has been difficult for climate change believers to gain the upper hand in the debate. In turn, the main alternatives to fossil fuel use, including solar power and wind power, have not gained traction in the US the way they have in other places.

However, I believe that has obfuscated some of the main points of renewable energy. I believe that regardless of what is happening with the climate, that America should be moving toward greater use of renewable sources for its energy. Why? Finite resources and security. I believe both are self-explanatory, and should be, as standalones, strong enough reasons for building renewables that even the biggest climate sceptics should be able to support solar, wind and the like. If, as a result, we incidentally end up saving the planet, all the better...

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