The Law of (Un?)Intended Consequences

From CBS Los Angeles:

"After voters approved Measure B on election day — an ordinance that would require porn actors to wear condoms while making XXX films — producers are threatening to leave Los Angeles County...More than 55% of voters passed Measure B sending shock waves through the porn industry."
While a regulation which forces a local industry to another location is often cited as an example of the law of unintended consequences, it seems that this is not that - after all, the industry had made it clear ahead of time that it would pick up roots if this initiative passed. Therefore, it seems that, rather than increasing safety, the vote may actually have been intended as a means of eliminating a very interesting example of a NIMBY. Or, perhaps, in this case, a  it would be the decidedly less melodious NISSLR - Not ISome Stranger's Living Room...

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