A Fond, Finite Farewell

Blawgconomics once again missed the cut for the ABA Blawg 100 this year. Incidentally, we didn't make that organization's Tweet roll either. Here is another list of top blawgs we didn't make this year. And another. In fact, the only list Blawgconomics is featured on so far as I know is a list of 'blogs you aren't reading yet.' That about sums it up.

However while it would undoubtedly be exciting to gain some recognition for what I am doing with this page, I am also not overly disappointed that I don't. In the introduction to that very ABA Blawg 100 list noted above is a little gem that hit very close to home for me: "Success is relative, of course. Some law bloggers measure success by the business they develop. Others by the networks they’re creating. And still others get satisfaction from how blogging gives them a voice, a creative outlet."

It is, of course, this latter category which Blawgconomics falls unabashedly into. At least for myself - though I think any of the many contributors I have hosted over the years would agree. While I take some pride in increasing numbers, whether they be numbers of posts, or page views or numbers of unique visitors, it has become clear to me that it isn't recognition which has driven me to continue with this endeavour. It is that I have been given a voice by it.

That is why, despite having to take a break from blogging activities for a few months, readers can rest assured that I will be back soon to post about currencies and drones and everything else that takes up space on these pages (including the benefits of contemplating treason, apparently). In the meantime, please feel very free to look up posts on any number of topics in the Blawgconomics archives, with both keyword and post date search options in the banner to the left. And, as always, thanks for stopping by...

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