Welcoming Myself Back to the Blogosphere

In late December, I bid readers adieu for (at the time) an indeterminately-lengthed sabbatical. The blog itself lived on of course. Old posts on Ponzi Schemes, student loan forgiveness, solar REITs, digital currencies and the War On Drugs all kept the attention of the masses while I was away. Or at least I think they did; given that some discernible percentage of visitors appeared to be eastern Europeans linking indiscriminantly to old content, I suppose there is a limit to how much we can read into pageview statistics.

A lot has happened since I took leave of my readers; an historic inauguration, Oscar Pistorious and Ray Lewis, two men connected by (nevermind...no need to run up the legal bill my first day back), a global soccer betting scandal, the naming of a new Pope, the sequester, a stock market run, a stock market decline, all that and more has happened since the last time I took to the keyboard.

Which is why readers will see some clearing of the decks the next few weeks. Please allow me to apologize in advance for the lack of timeliness on any items that I discuss while I play catch-up. The shelf-life on stories is  outrageously short in the internet era, but that doesn't mean that I don't have something to say about the goings on of the past few months.

And thanks to everyone who asked about the return of Blawgconomics while I was away - I hope the next phase of the blog will be as interesting for you all as I am guessing it will be for me.


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