What Would You Pay For a One Way Ticket to Mars?

I saw an interesting piece on the BBC News Science and Environment webpage the other day. From the site:

"Want to go to Mars? Dutch organisation Mars One says it will open applications imminently. It would be a one-way trip, and the company hopes to build a community of settlers on the planet.

Uncharted waters, mountains or far away lands have always drawn explorers. History books show that desire for adventure, even in the face of extreme danger, did not deter the likes of Columbus or Magellan.

So it is perhaps not surprising that Mars One has already received thousands of prospective applicants. But there is no return - unlike the mission which hopes to fly to Mars and back in 2018."

Author Melissa Hogenboom goes on to note the extreme training the successful candidates will go through before departing, and added snippets of interviews with experts who unanimously noted how difficult life on Mars would be.

Maybe this isn't keeping with the spirit of exploration or the romanticism necessary to take on such a voyage, but I have to admit my first thought was that it sounded like a lot of legal work would be needed before anyone even stepped foot into a training facility. I suppose it isn't much better that my next thought drifted to choice of law provisions...anyone out there know how to cite the Martian Code?

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