Previously Eager Media No Longer Issuing Hall Passes...

While I am not one to toss around mean-spirited nicknames like 'lamestream media' when discussing the predilections of supposedly neutral journalists, I nonetheless believe that the cheerleader-like adoration many in the profession expressed for President Obama from the run-up to the 2008 election through much of his first term in office was rather unbecoming. Politics aside, it is just not clear to me how people who don't even bother with a veneer of impartiality can be trusted to report truthfully and accurately about someone in a position where missteps are a virtual certainty when they are card-carrying members of his official fan club. It is bad enough when sports journalists are guilty of the same thing; when the subject is the President of the United States, it is reprehensible.

However, the second term syndrome has hit President Obama with full force, and triple threat of Benghazi, the IRS Scandal and the media surveillance scandal have seen a shift in attitudes. No longer self-satisfied about a post-racial America, or getting rid of the Republicans, or erasing the memories of the Bush years, or avoiding a Romney presidency, and with no reelection campaign forthcoming, it appears that the media has settled in to do its stated job. At least anecdotally; it would be nearly impossible to quantify the shift I am describing. However, for those curious to see an example of what I believe I am witnessing, Bob Shieffer recently provided a good example on the Sunday morning shows.

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