Live from Lebanon

I have introduced Anthony Elghossain to Blawgconomics readers in the past. Below is another round of his work preceded by a quick note he wrote to folks on his email blast list. I hope everyone enjoys his posts as much as I did...

I hope this finds you well. As some of you may know, I've just been in Beirut for another stint of writing and "research"--that is, bar-crawling and pontificating. As enchanting as ever, Lebanon was a bit more tense this time; hope for the best. Please check out these articles, which are part of a the forthcoming 'Diaspora Diaries,' a new section on NOW:
  • Feature Piece
    • Kidnap This!: A Travel Essay and Interactive Map on Lebanon (co-authored with Alex Rowell)
  • Diaspora:
  • Satire:
    • The Hipster Revolution: HARAM invades Beirut, declares it the 'Williamsburg of the Middle East'
    • SHIT: Lebanon's Parliament Dissolves Itself
    • ALERT: U.S. Spy Agencies are Spying on Foreign People

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