PSA: Restore the Fourth Reminder

A friendly reminder for anyone who is interested:


  1. I have nothing to hide...

  2. If this is the same MattL I used to carouse with in New York, I might beg to differ - if only for my sake!

    All joking aside, I appreciate your viewpoint. Indeed, I used to share that viewpoint in the few years after 9/11.

    I am not sure at what point I became 'radicalized' into changing that view - maybe it was when I stopped seeing the old foundations of the WTC from the window at work every day? Maybe my time at law school? Maybe my discovery that this very blog was tracked by the government for a while? Maybe reflection? I am not quite sure.

    In any case, not having anything to hide feels a little soft for me at this point as one intrusion has led to another with no end in sight.