Lessons in the Latest Saints 'Scandal'?

Some time ago, in the aftermath of the New Orleans Saints Bountygate scandal, a new accusation arose against the team and its management. In short, it was claimed that its management had the ability to, and did, spy on visiting teams' communications during games at their stadium. Frequent readers might recall my opinion that this behavior, if true, was on par with, or even worse than, that exposed in the bounty scandal.

Apparently the team has been cleared of any state legal liability stemming out of this accusation by Louisiana law enforcement authorities. This isn't to say that federal authorities or the NFL won't have a different opinion. That said, if the local investigation is where this 'scandal' ends, and there was actually no wrongdoing, I suppose all I can say is mea culpa.

However, I don't want to spend much time discussing whether or not I was wrong for having an opinion on something I granted was merely an accusation. I would rather spend time talking about how I found out about this news. Specifically, it is because I noticed some of my previous posts on the matter trending. It wasn't a headline or a newsflash that tipped me off. It was datamining my own website.

Now, I have been busier lately than I was at the time that the 'Listengate' accusations first came out, but I am still on ESPN.com enough that I probably would have noticed had this been given top billing for a day or two. I guess the lesson is that people being declared innocent is never as sensational as people being accused of things...but is it really a lesson if we all knew that already?

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